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Since its inception, Pooyesh Darou has continued to advance and refine the quality of its products. Our quality control (QC) department is committed to ensure our products are safe, effective and compliant with national and international regulatory standards. Our on-site laboratories are fully equipped to perform wide range of physicochemical, biochemical, bioanalitical, molecular biology and microbiology tests. These laboratories are operated and supervised by knowledgeable technologists who have relevant experience to ensure stringent QA compliance levels are met for all our products manufactured at this facility.


Our QC team is responsible for:


  • Sampling, testing and analyzing of raw materials, intermediates, packaging materials and finished pharmaceutical products
  • Analytical method validation and method qualification to ensure adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations
  • Microbial testing of drug products (stability and bioburden)
  • Stability tests to ensure the maintenance of product quality, safety and efficacy throughout the shelf life



Pooyesh Darou Quality Control team has also collaborative partnership with other internationally recognized EMA (European Medicines Agency) certified laboratories. Through these partnerships, we continuously analyze our products with more complicated quality tests such as N-terminal sequencing, protein sequencing and in vivo bioassay.