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API Production

Pooyesh Darou is among few companies in the world with advanced manufacturing capabilities for the development and commercialisation of biopharmaceuticals. We offer a range of high quality and affordable recombinant proteins to Iranian patients and international pharmaceutical companies. Pooyesh Darou has expertise in protein expression in mammalian cells and bacteria for manufacturing across a range of biologics. Our world-class manufacturing facilities adhere to strict cGMP protocols and are compliant with national and international regulatory agencies.

Our expertise in developing recombinant proteins ranges from synthesizing the coding sequence, Protein expression and purification, formulation and aseptic filling of finish product. Pooyesh Darou has produced and marketed recombinant proteins such as Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor, Interferon-2a and its PEGylated version and Eeythropoietin.

Maintaining a market share of about 80% in Iran’s biopharmaceutical market, Pooyesh Darou has kept its leading position in the Iranian market. To fulfill our responsibility to manufacture quality biopharmaceuticals, we have built one of the biggest national biopharmaceutical production lines with three manufacturing plants; plant 1& 2 with bacterial fermentation capability and plant three with cell culture facility.

We are rapidly growing our development, regulatory and clinical expertise, along with world class manufacturing capabilities, to make therapies affordable to patients, on a global scale. We are well positioned to contribute towards lowering costs and increasing access to this highly innovative class of drugs.